How to disable keyboard clicks sound when entering text

When you enter text through keyboard on your phone, you hear click sound. This sound may annoy you or causes of disturbance to others who are sitting around you. When you input text on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can disable click sound in order to avoid the disturbance. This procedure is very simple and easy to do, and you can do it conveniently from settings. This is a handy function, because you do not need to turn down volume of your phone or mute it completely. It will apply specifically on keyboard clicks, so to disable keyboard click while inputting texts on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you will have to follow these instructions.

  • First thing you will do, go to settings in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and open it.
  • You will have different options there, go to sounds and tap on it to open it.
  • Now you will scroll down to the bottom of the next appeared page and will see keyboard clicks option, flick the toggle switch to turn it off.

That’s it for this process, now you can type on your device without annoying yourself and others with keyboard clicks sound.

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