10 Animals Sleeping In The Weirdest Positions & Places

Being an adorable animal is so tiring that taking a nap is just a must, everyday. In fact, statistics share that weirdly, the smaller the animal, the more sleep it seems to need. For example, little brown bats sleep a banging 19.9 hours out of 24, chipmunks for 15 hours, but horses just need 2.9 hours per day!

Not only are little animals just big time sleepers, but they do it in weird positions and places. Check out this list of photos of animals sleeping in the weirdest positions and places.


1. Cat Found Sleeping Inside A Tree

animal sleeping 1


2. Squirrel Sleeping In A Cup

animal sleeping 2




3. Dog Sleeps On Car Handle While On Way Home

animal sleeping 3



4. Cat Sleeps Anywhere That His Owners Can’t Avoid Stroking Him

animal sleeping 4



5. This Puppy Is Obviously Very Tired From Shopping, So He Decided To Take A Nap In The Trolley

animal sleeping 5


6. Cat Takes A Nap On His Owners Butt

animal sleeping 6



7. Here Is A Cat That Also Got Tired From Shopping And Decided To Take A 5 on The Floor

animal sleeping 7


8. Planking Is Obviously A Popular Thing Again For This Dog So Much That He Does It In His Sleep

animal sleeping 8


9. Kitten Naps Away In The Pocket Of His Owner’s T-Shirt

animal sleeping 9


10. This Dog Was Just Too Tired To Walk Anymore So He Passed Out On Making His Next Step

animal sleeping 10

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