How to access iPhone equalizer

There are different settings set as default for iPhone audio and you can change and adjust these settings from iPhone equalizer. If you feel current audio settings are not right choice for your song, you should use iPhone equalizer that has number of audio adjustment options. IPhone equalizer is not something like slide bars showing you audio status but it has numbers of options which can be suitable to your music. You can select different audio options like jazz, rock, pop, band or piano for music. Here is the guide line for accessing iPhone equalizer.

  • First thing you will do, tap on settings icon in your phone and you will see different option there.
  • You will scroll down and tap on ‘iPod’. Here you will see other options, tap on ‘EQ’ from options.
  • It will show you the list of audio options and you can find the right one for your music. Select any of the preset equalizer settings and tap on it to set it.
  • Now you can close the EQ settings, and equalizer settings have been changed in your phone. It makes a big difference in playing sound.

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