How to access iPhone equalizer

There are different settings set as default for iPhone audio and you can change and adjust these settings from iPhone equalizer. If you feel current audio settings are not right choice for your song, you should use iPhone equalizer that has number of audio adjustment options. IPhone equalizer is not something like slide bars showing

How to bypass the Passcode in iPhone

When you reset passcode in your iOS device, it can cause of data lost. You can bypass the passcode in iOS 4.1 devices, in case you forget it or illegally access other’s phone. There is a tip which allows users to bypass pass code in iPhone. It is actually a hole which sidesteps the passcode

Google To Offer World fastest 1 Gb/ sec Internet Access

Here is another Google story for today. In an announcement Google announced that they are going to start rolling out 1GB internet over fiber to select communities.

Apple’s iPad Mistakes

The iPad has a lot going for it, but is also a big disappointment in many ways. Almost no product could have lived up to the insane hype leading up to Steve Jobs’s announcement, but the iPad certainly could have had more groundbreaking features.