How to bypass the Passcode in iPhone

When you reset passcode in your iOS device, it can cause of data lost. You can bypass the passcode in iOS 4.1 devices, in case you forget it or illegally access other’s phone. There is a tip which allows users to bypass pass code in iPhone. It is actually a hole which sidesteps the passcode and you can get the user screen and access user data easily. Here is the hack which can be used to access someone’s phone without needing to enter passcode.
• At first, you will tap on emergency call showing on your phone screen. Then you will dial ‘###’ and press the call button. Now straight away you will press the lock button on the top of the iPhone.
• When you hit the lock button, it will take you in the users address book. Here you are now able to use user data.
Remember this only works in iOS 4.1 and Apple has noticed this issue, and will sort it out in upcoming versions. With this hole, you can access address book, camera, photo library, emails, MMS and phone calls.

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