How to restore your iPhone from backup

When you want to restore your iPhone, you can do it anytime. Sometimes you restore is to make it fast and fresh or sometimes you want to restore back it to existing backup which you have made before. This is really a simple and easy process to restore your phone back to previous backup. There is not anything difficult to do, even if you are not used to do these sorts of things or new to use of iPhone, you can still manage to restore easily. Here are some of the guidelines which will help you in restoring your iPhone from backup.

  • First thing to do is, connect your iPhone to the computer and then launch iTunes to continue.
  • In iTunes go to iPhone and right click on the iPhone icon, drop down menu will show you some options. You will select ‘Restore from Backup’ option.
  • Here you will see the “Last Synced” time and your iPhone name to restore. You will click on restore. Your iPhone will be restored from backup.

One thing, this restoration process from backup applies to contacts, notes, calendars, settings and text messages only. To restore entire iPhone and factory settings, you will use other method.

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