CARDIIO – A New App that Monitors the Heart Without Even Touching You

This innovative new app for iPhone called “Cardiio” allows you to measure your heart rate without any stethoscope or additional equipment. Now you don’t need those uncomfortable chest straps to monitor your heart beat and blood pressure. This app can do the same trick with some amazing new technology. The results shown by Cardiio and

Disabling iTunes from Automatically Opening When iPhone / iPod is Connected

In iphones and ipod the default settings allows the device to automatically connect with the iTunes support center when connected with any network. This feature is very supportive but sometimes it becomes very annoying especially when your preferences are different. This feature can easily be turned off by disabling the options of auto connect within

Changing the Name of an iPhone

If you own an iphone and want to change the name of your device or just rename it something more appealing. Changing the name of your iphone is fun as it takes no time and is very simple. Following are the steps involved in changing the name of the iphone: Connect your iphone to your

Transferring Data from the Current IPhone to the IPhone 4S

For those of you who are really worried about the transferring of contents from the old iPhone to the new iPhone 4S, then Apple has discovered a solution for that. In order to transfer the content from the current iPhone to the new iPhone you just have to follow some steps for that: The most

Without updating 3.1 enable MMS on iPhone 3.0

People usually get offended after updating their iphone to the latest version because of the complexities in operating the device and slow working process. It is considered that for enabling MMS feature in your iphone 3.0 you must have to upgrade your smart phone to 3.1 versions of iOS which is not true. You can

Manage iTunes in the Cloud on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

If all of the music collection you have stored in the icloud downloaded from itunes store, you would definitely want to add up new songs or even delete some of them. The process for doing so is very simple and easy. Following are the procedures to tell you how it can be done: Download music

Downgrade from iTunes beta

Those who want to downgrade from iTunes 10.5 to other versions, they can easily do it. if you are on windows PC and looking for downgrade to other iTunes version, you can do it by following some very easy steps. These are few steps which will guide you that how to downgrade iTunes 10.5 version

How to create iPhone backup

When you connect iPhone to your computer, it automatically creates backup for your phone on that computer. But you can create manual backup as well for your iPhone. To make backup for your iPhone or any other device is a good idea, because if you have any issue or problem in your device, backup can

Use IPSW files in your iOS device

IPSW files are used to update iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. When you download them on iOS device, you want to use them for updating devices. It is very easy to use these files for updating iOS devices. You can follow these directions that how to use IPSW files to update iOS devices. First thing

How to restore your iPhone from backup

When you want to restore your iPhone, you can do it anytime. Sometimes you restore is to make it fast and fresh or sometimes you want to restore back it to existing backup which you have made before. This is really a simple and easy process to restore your phone back to previous backup. There