Without updating 3.1 enable MMS on iPhone 3.0

People usually get offended after updating their iphone to the latest version because of the complexities in operating the device and slow working process. It is considered that for enabling MMS feature in your iphone 3.0 you must have to upgrade your smart phone to 3.1 versions of iOS which is not true. You can enable this feature or facility by simply following the under given procedures and enjoy it:

  • First of all download updated carrier file which is available from the internet and itunes center.
  • Enter the following command protocol in the terminal

defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE

  • One thing you need to do is to disable the itune during this process.
  • After completing the steps then launch the itunes and go to the option of ‘restore’ the phone
  • Navigate to the .ipcc file you downloaded from the internet
  • It will take a few seconds
  • Reboot your iphone

And now the MMS is enabled and fully working with your iPhone 3.0

Isn’t it simple and easy eliminating the need of updating your device first and get stuck in the low execution rate of the commands.

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