10 DIY Hacks By College Students That Prove Their Survival Skills

You’d be surprised to learn how much money you can save by just going with DIY projects. Being a college student is a perfect time in your life to enjoy DIY projects. Whether you’re just trying to cut back on expenses so you can save for something else or you just simply don’t have the money to buy the stuff that will surely do you well, there is always an alternative with DIY projects.

Here is a list of just what I’m talking about. Who knows? Something in this list might just inspire you or provide you with an ingenious alternative for something that you can’t buy and your day would be saved.


1. No Microwave Available? No Problem

diy college hacks 1


2. Such A Practical Griller

diy college hacks 2


3. The Couch Fix

diy college hacks 3



4. The Tennis Racket Doubles As A Strainer

diy college hacks 4


5.  The Unique Shower Head

diy college hacks 6


6. Quick and Easy Way To Male Your Noodles Using A Coffee Maker

diy college hacks 7


7. DIY Hot Tub

diy college hacks 8


8. How Does A Microwave Differ From A Hair Blow Drier?

diy college hacks 9


9. Clothes Hangers Doubling As Shower Curtain Hooks

diy college hacks 10



10. The Conservative Phone Speakers

diy college hacks 11

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