Access outside the US by using TOR

Recently has decided to stop their service from accessing outside the united state. Turntable stated that because of “Licensing Restrictions” they will no more offer service to outside US visitors. and other web service identify visitor by geolocating the visitor IP address. To access their service, you have to believe them that IP address you are using is from US and not from any other country.

You guys might be thinking that it is too difficult to believe them but here you will see ways to spoof your IP address. Go ahead! J

Let’s take a brief introduction about Tor that you can actually use for accessing Tor creates proxies relays over the world and direct all traffic through them, then it makes sure that if someone see your IP address will not actually see your own real IP. It redirects traffic through relays that is available around the whole world. Below you will see how to use TOR in OS X.

  • Download and install TOR. After installing, you can explore application from TorBrowser. When you open app, you will be connected to tor network.
  • Open Firefox, select “preferences” pane and then click on “Advanced” tab.
  •  Under network option click on Settings button. Select radio button “Manual Proxy Configuration” and type “localhost” in HTTP proxy.
  • Now go to Vidalia control panel, open “Settings” pane and then select “Advanced” tab.
  •  Click “Edit current torrec” button, write below lines in configuration file and click “OK” button. Done!

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