Flutter Translates Your Gestures Via Your Cam

Everybody waiting for Kinect integrated laptops can now enjoy a limited little fun on their laptops via this Flutter app which makes your webcam your little Kinect sensor. Though this Flutter app is just a app which is not like Kinect as it lacks infared sensors and all gesture capturing abilities, but it can give you

Find IPSW file in windows and Mac

IPSW files are meant to download when you need to update your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You download this IPSW file in iOS updates folder, whenever there is an update to your iOS device. You should know the location of these files because they are helpful to you when you are going to solve

iPhone 5 The Concept We Liked

The next round up for iPhone 5 by Apple could be at any time but before that the fans and the designers are eager to introduce their concept designs. Of all,  we loved the design of Italian designer Federico Ciccares. Its not the first time that Federico has been doing this design job. But what he

The New iPhone 5 Concept

Rumours for the new Apple iPhone 5 is getting the top talk of the town. We know its very early for Apple to release another phone since its not much time when the iPhone 4s was launched. Its always been a cracker strategy by Apple that they release their product quite after a time but

How To Copy DVD To MAC

One of the best things that users can get accomplished while using their Macs is to have a chance of getting their DVD copied to their Mac operating systems. The process is really simple to get along with, all that you need is VLC player to get the dvd’s copied to your Mac machine. For

How To Activate Finder Path Bar In Finder Window

Mac OS X 10.5 has an amazing feature to it that allows the users to go around through files and folders with much ease. The feature of Finder lets people browse through the location, situated in the Path Bar, this is certainly a good addition to Mac OS X 10.5. Well the name Path bar

Fixing Mac Hard Drive Crash

Sometimes while using Mac operating systems there are problems where the user is left completely helpless since the gravity of the problem is larger than what they can expect. A problem similar to this one is where the user is left completely helpless when their hard drive fails to respond. Now there are a few

Mac Basics providing help to new users

Mac basics are assisting the new users how to work on Mac by providing them tips and guidance. It is not only helpful to new persons but also adds refresher to old users as well, since number of advancements in technology approach day by day. There are many ways where Mac basics are helpful to

Top 10 Worst Viruses

You must have remembered the messages like Trojan, worm and shortcuts.exe when you are debugging your Personal Computer using an antivirus well for many of us these are simple viruses which tends to corrupt windows or any operating system. Infact it isn’t so every virus has its own unique characteristic and tends to replicate itself

Mac appearance can be stylish

The appearance preferences pane can make the look of your Mac very stylish and interactive. You can customize the user interface of Mac in different ways by using appearance pane. It is found in system preferences and divided into four sections. Appearance and highlight color This changes the basic theme of Mac into different colors