Creating Folder Action For Folders In Mac

Mac has one of the interesting features in which it allows the users to be notified of the file changes in case there are any. There is a special method through which this service can be attained. The following steps will direct the user upon activating the folder action.

  • Go to the folder that you want to monitor for its actions and right click on it
  • From the menu of options that pops up, choose “configure folder action”
  • This will bring up the Folder Actions Setup in front of the user
  • Go over to the plus “+” sign to add the folder(s) that you want to bring the action upon
  • Once the “+” sign is clicked, it will initiate another screen that will display up
  • Go at the folder you want to monitor and access the “Open” button for it
  • This will bring up a screen of available AppleScripts
  • Go to “add – new item alert.scrpt” available in the list of available scripts
  • Click upon the “Attach” button
  • Do assure yourself that the “Enable Folder Actions” is tick marked.
  • Once done, close all the folder actions setup window(s) and exit.

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