Stupid trick in Mac OS X –Make OS X get weird

Today you will see a very amazing feature in MAC OS X and i guess most of you people really don’t know about this. When you minimize window by giving terminal command, you can make its behavior different. Well the trick seems stupid but you can make fun and tell your friends also. Have a look at below:


  • Go to terminal windows and write “killall Dock” on it. The command is case sensitive so write command as it is with one capital letter as mentioned. Hit “Enter” from keyboard.
  • Now shift towards another window. Press the Shift key and without lifting up your finger, click on minimize button using mouse. Be sure that Genie effect is activated for Dock minimizing otherwise it will not work.
  • Now quickly hold Cmd+Tab on Terminal window and press “Enter” key. It will stop your window from minimizing halfway. You will be more surprised after listening that you can continue browse or even do anything that you want. You will really enjoy the trick when somebody leaves their MAC PC. They will think their computer is behaving abnormally. Just try it! J

Minimize window in normal way

Go to Window tab from menu and click on “Minimize” option. The window will behave like normal way.

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