Apple’s New iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus & Apple Watch 2 Unveiled Today – Live Stream Here

Apple fans? The time has finally come. Apple is unveiling their new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch 2. This September 2016 launch comes as one of the biggest events on the technology calendar for this year. The event which has already begun has already showed us new developments that we will all

Apple Looking To Cast Reality TV Show Called ‘Planet of the Apps’

Recently, Apple announced that they will be casting their own reality show called ‘Planet of the Apps’. According to their announcement, the show aims to strengthen their original content offerings. In the show we will see different up-and-coming developers and their creations being featured. Some of the things they will find themselves doing include being

10 Times Apple’s ‘Siri’ Gave A Better Answer Than Your Friend Ever Would

While virtual personal assistants might also be getting smarter, they seem to be getting a little too smart as some times they will provide you with a somewhat witty answer. Earlier, the internet went haywire when they discovered that how the Apple iPhone and iPad virtual assistant called Siri answered the question “what is 0 ÷ 0?”.

iPhone 6 Remains Indestructible Under “Extreme Tests”

It’s not everyday that you wake up to someone attempting to deliberately destroy a phone without reaping the rewards.  Many of us have destroyed gadgets with ease either accidentally or intentionally. However, some will testify that the Nokia 3310 is a different “breed” altogether with its resistance earning it the moniker “the invincible” but can

“Loch Ness Monster” Found Using Apple’s Siri Technology

The Loch Ness Moster is a legendary creature supposedly occupying the waters off the coast of Scotland for centuries. In fact, the Loch Ness Monster is thought to be discovered in the 6th century and its popularity rose significantly  in the earlier part of the 20th century. There has never been any conclusive evidence to

Top 10 Ways Steve Jobs Changed The World

Science and technology were quite distant from the consumer before Steve Jobs came into play. The guy co-founded Apple Inc. and brought more than just a name to the table. Apple has been able to change the direction of world more than once. He truly brought the technology to the doorstep of people and his

iPhone 5 Black Diamond Edition Now Available For $15 Million

Today we bring to you the world’s most expensive iPhone! An England based luxury goods company, Stuart Hughes, has produced the most elegant and expensive iPhone by topping it up with world’s finest diamonds and gold. This eye catching iPhone features a spotless 26-carat black deep cut diamond. Only the ultra rich people can afford this

Now Watch 3D Movies On Your iPhone

Thanks to modern trends, 3D movies are now hitting the shelves and are in great demand. People want to have more 3D content and are even turning their homes into 3D theaters. Looking at the demand of 3D,  Hasbro team decided to step ahead by bringing 3D on the go for every smartphone user. So

Your iPhone was Built by 13 Year Old Children Working 16 Hours a Day

Did you know that your iPhone was built (in part) by 13 year old children? According to US based radio show “This American Life”, these little souls work 16 hours a day and get just 70 Cents per hour! Although manufacturers in China are copying cars and taking international manufacturers to court, China being the leader of machinery

Apple Pays $21Million For The Swiss Clock Face

Whoa! $21 Million for a watch! Seriously? Swiss federal railway (SBB) got unhappy by Apple’s clock-face design in iOS 6. So they claimed that the clock looked similar to there own famous design, The design which has been used in train station clocks throughout Switzerland. The design was also honored by the Museum of Modern Art