Great Paper Illusions [Pictures]

If you have enjoyed our collection of stunning optical illusions then we are sure you will enjoy the new series of 3D paper illusion by AlessandroDD as well. Its pretty eye popping stuff by the artist. The illusions created by him are simply mind boggling. Sit back and enjoy the gallery below

Elastic Touch Screens A Reality Now

Touch screens have been one of the most important innovations of our time and they revolutionized our everyday tech. But how about an elastic touch screen? Yeah thats right! Its a reality now, bringing a whole new perspective to touch screens. Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley of MIT’s Media Lab have created Obake, a new form

Now Watch 3D Movies On Your iPhone

Thanks to modern trends, 3D movies are now hitting the shelves and are in great demand. People want to have more 3D content and are even turning their homes into 3D theaters. Looking at the demand of 3D,  Hasbro team decided to step ahead by bringing 3D on the go for every smartphone user. So

Top 10 Kinect Hacks for Robots

While Microsoft’s Kinect 3D sensor is a great way to game, at a mere $150, it’s also an unbelievably cheap way to bring depth sensing and 3D vision to robots. Kinect uses InfraRed laser to determine and map a body or object in front of it, giving precise body positions, gestures and complete body motion to the Xbox.

C3 3D Mapping

If someone asks you to list a couple of thing who revolutionized your life then you would not be missing Google name in it. No doubt the advance world with advance and way fast technology has taken the world to a whole new level of living. Talking about the Google and you! You sit on

iModela The 3D Milling Machine You Always Wanted

The world of 3D made developers to gain attention on developing 3D printers as well. Previously we saw some huge 3D modelling printers which actually makes the replica of objects using different materials like plastic, resins and wax. It used different type of colours to make it as far as identical to the original object. Many tools

Unbelievable 3D Art!

How much of you love to see 3D content and 3D top class movies with all those things seems like merging out of the screen. We all know that they use picture overlapping technology in 3D to make it look like 3D but what if some one tells you that he has seen a 3D art from

Top 10 Cool Things to Do with MacBook

“Be bloody, bold, and resolute! Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm MacBook.” Yes, this is a quote for the MacBook, or the great MacBook as some say, it’s great because “it simply works.” The MacBook is equipped with the pretty intelligent SMS or the Sudden Motion Sensor,

Glasses Free 3D a Reality

Who’s got two thumbs and needs glasses to see 3D? Not this guy! Francois Vogel’s figured out a way to remove those pesky spectacles from the equation, and he’s ready to revolutionize the stereoscopic industry forever. Sure, you’ll need a monitor with a 120Hz refresh rate, but that’s a prerequisite these days anyhow, and the

Sharp to Unveil 3D Smartphone Later in 2010

Japan’s Sharp Corporation is set to take on the Apple iPhone and the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS later this year, with plans to launch a 3D-ready smartphone. Sharp’s new 3D smartphone will feature a 3D-ready panel that, just like the Nintendo 3DS, can be viewed without the use of 3D specs. Nintendo’s 3DS is expected to