EA Sports Makes Big Announcement To Add Female Players In Upcoming FIFA 16 Game

For the first time in the series’ history, EA Sports will be including female soccer teams in their upcoming FIFA 16 game. This feat comes around at the right time as the ladies of soccer are taking great leaps. In their latest announcement, the game giants confirmed that 12 Women’s National Teams will be playable

FIFA 10 “New Skills” Tutorial (HD)

Learn how to do the New Skills in FIFA 10! Get the demo from the Xbox LIVE marketplace now! And make sure to pick up the full game early october! Stay tuned for more tutorials at and Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although the submitted content is

15 Ways Technology Can Change Football

We want to keep football as a game of the people with a human face so we don’t want technology on the field of play because we want to maintain the spontaneity of football – played, administered and controlled by human beings. But there is nothing bad in imagining how football will look if we