FIFA 10 “New Skills” Tutorial (HD)

Learn how to do the New Skills in FIFA 10! Get the demo from the Xbox LIVE marketplace now! And make sure to pick up the full game early october! Stay tuned for more tutorials at www.youtube.com and www.youtube.com Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although the submitted content is

Overtone singing tutorial

Here’s a basic walk-through I put together explaining how to bring out the overtones. I ran by each step really quickly so if you have specific questions feel free to email me. Some things that I left out. -when making the “L” shape with your tongue, think of it as if you’re pronouncing “ul” As

Clubbing Makeup Tutorial

CLICK ME! Going out and need to look your best? This video will show you how to achieve that sexy fun look. Clubbing makeup is a bit tricky because you want your makeup to be sweat proof and photogenic. Have you ever had your photo taken in the dark, and your foundation looks lighter than

Ganguro Makeup Tutorial

Ganguro For LYFE!!!1!1!!!!!!1111!!!!! My most favorite new look!! Holy Crap! This will probably never happen again LOLOL! #17 – Most Discussed (Today) – Comedy #64 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Australia #20 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy – Canada #65 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy… Note: This is a user submitted

How TO: Apply FALSE EYELASHES tutorial

Video explains it all 🙂 1. Apply thin layer of liquid liner 3. Curl Lashes if you like 2. Apply mascara 3. Place drop of glue on lash container (Duo Surgical Glue is best, you can get it at MAC or any drugstore) 4. Use back of tweezers to apply thin layer of glue to

Drag Make-up Tutorial

Nic does drag queen. You may have noticed from the length of this video that we have finally become partners. Please read our blog for the reasons behind this. Note: This is a user submitted video under “User Submitted” Category. Although the submitted content is moderated, RealityPod does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided

Smokey Kim Kardashian inspired makeup tutorial

TWITTER! www.twitter.com For pictures/ products used, visit my blog: macnc40.blogspot.com The 2nd look for Valentine’s day. Here is the look of Kim Kardashian that I was inspired by: i42.tinypic.com (from MUA Troy Jensen’s blog troyjensenonline.blogspot.com) Here is the link to the 1st Valentine’s Day look: www.youtube.com Note: This is a user submitted video under “User

Simulink / Matlab Tutorial and Example – Low Pass Filter (Part 1)

www.FreedomUniversity.TV. Here is a quick introduction describing a low pass filter LPF). A LPF passes low frequency signals while attenuating the amplitude of signals with higher frequencies at a frequency called the cutoff frequency. The cutoff frequency determines when frequencies of the input signal passes through the filter unattenuated and what signal frequencies gets attenuated.

Tutorial: Solve Rubix Cube in 20 Moves or Less

This tutorial will teach YOU how to solve a Rubik’s cube! This is the simplest tutorial ever

Geisha Halloween Tutorial

A Modern avant garde take on traditional geisha makeup. This is perfect for halloween. This video is 7:00 minutes long, must be lucky =) Before you start any makeup maintain Clear skin A clear canvas is the most quintessential part in any makeup. Clear acne free skin IQQU acne serum – My own secret formula