How To Eject A Disc In mac

Ejecting an optical disk from your Mac system can be a big problem since there is no eject button on the CD/DVD-drive. So what to do if a CD or DVD gets stuck in the drive? Usually you would have to shut the system down to retrieve the disk. Luckily there are some methods to

Top 10 Geek Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and there could be no better time to present your geek friend or geek special someone with a gift that you always wanted to give them. Here are some of our ideas about the prefect geek gifts to make Christmas really delightful for your pals. No 10. Spy Camera

Top 10 Limousines

These stretched luxury cars attract everyone’s attention when they move about on the streets owing to their aesthetics and size. Limousines are generally owned by rich individuals or the government because not everyone can afford a car that costs in the hundreds of thousands. Here is a list of some of the best limousines out

Human Vision and What We Cannot See

The deficiencies in human vision are many, but few are as striking and demonstrable as this one. It’s a fact that our perception of colour is not as detailed as our perception of black and white. This is the primary reason the NTSC standard works as well as it does – we can’t tell that

[Solved] How to Create aXXo Quality DVD Rips

DVD movies are the best way to pass time while you are at home and have nothing else to do. There are times though when the DVD you rented at the local DVD store has to be returned within 24 hours and you want to watch the movie again and again. In such situations ripping the DVD’s is the

Some Must Know Facts About Digital vs Physical Storage

Mozy is company that provides online backup and storage solutions. In a recent blog post, Physical Storage vs. Digital Storage, they provided an astounding visual depiction of the advance of technology as it relates to the storage of information. Above is section from the graphic relating to books. Using the Library of Congress as a