Panasonic Unveils The Real “Magic Mic” That Translates Three Different Languages

Giants of electronics, Panasonic, has unveiled a megaphone that has massive potential of overcoming communication barriers as a universal translator. The megaphone described as ‘magic’, can automatically translate what is being spoken into the microphone into three different languages and play them out through the speaker. The name of the loudspeaker, the ‘Megaphoneyaku’, was created

World’s First AA Battery Powered Plane Makes Successful Flight

Back in 2006, Panasonic and Tokyo Institute of technology started working together to produce the world’s first battery powered plane. July 16, 2006 was the day of their triumph when they succeeded in lifting a plane a few meters height in air. The amazing thing about this flight was that the plane was powered by only

A Bulb That Lasts 20 Years

Celebrating the Earth day, this could be a great gift to the planet we live in. Phillips introduces a bulb that will cost you $60 and will last for twenty years! Now that sounds awesome. Forget changing and replacing those bulbs you used once! Better your kids do the job after 20 years. To top

Top 10 gadgets 2010

While companies try to recover from global financial crisis, the market is still sort of brimming with new and cutting edge gadgets implementing the latest discoveries and developments. Today we take a look at the coolest gadgets of 2010(including released and upcoming, both). No 10. Polk HitMaster Gaming Audio System Sing-along games like Guitar Hero

Dishwashing Robot Prototype Demonstrated By Panasonic

Panasonic’s fledgling robotics department has created a dishwashing robot capable of grasping utensils and dishes with the appropriate force, and placing them into a dishwasher.