Experience The Blue Mountains Of Australia The Way Stone Age People Did In This Stunning Clifftop Cave Home

If you’re looking to experience one of the most stunning views in the world, the stone outcropped veranda of this clifftop cave home of Lionel Buckett is the perfect location for this agenda. Overlooking the Blue Mountain range in Australia, the cave home was built on 600 acres of bush land that has been in family

The Best Bricklayers Were Recruited To Build This Paper Bag Building

Recently, the first building in Australia designed by architect Frank Gehry was built for US$138 million. The building called the Dr. Chau Chak Wing is now a part of the University of Technology in Australia and will serve as a home for around 1,600 staff and students. The structure was called “the most beautiful squashed

Strange Mushroom-shaped Creatures Found On Australia’s Coastline

Strange Mushroom-shaped creatures have been found on along Australia’s coastline. The bizarre findings could not be placed in a suitable category of living organisms. The animals known as Dendrogamma resemble mushrooms and consists predominantly of an outer skin and inner stomach separated by a dense layer of jelly-like substance. Scientists believe that they are related to

Top 10 Best Cities to Live in the World

Most people have a favorite city that they either live in currently today or dream of living in one day in the near future.  Many people may dream of the same city, but for different reasons.  Regardless of where you may dream of living throughout the world, though, there may be someplace better that you

Top 10 Highly Developed Countries

What differentiates between a developed country and one that’s still in the process of development besides the obvious prosperity and economic strength? Factors such as life expectancy, education, standard of living, child welfare, health care, economic welfare, and population happiness play major roles to determine the Human Development Index of a country that ranks a country

Australia’s Telstra Working Hard To Fix iPhone 4S Network Dropouts

According to ZDNet, Australia’s Telstra is occupied with fixing of network coverage dropout problem in iPhone 4S, as many of the iPhone 4S users on their network are suffering from random call drop and network issues. The company is fixing the problem through software updates and its engineers have claimed that the issue would be

Top 10 Dyson Young Inventors

The James Dyson Award is an international design award that “celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers”. It is run by the James Dyson Foundation charitable trust, and is open to graduates in the fields of product design, industrial design and engineering, and offers the brief, “simply, design something that solves a

Rumor: Silver iPhone 4S Believed To Be In Distribution In Australia

Twitter user, SebastienPeek, sent out an update a few hours ago, claiming that he himself saw a truck full of iPhone 4S prototypes heading towards Sydney, Australia. And according to Sebastien, like the iPod Touch, they had silver backs, instead of glass rear panels. This happens to be not the first time we’ve heard that

Top 10 Fastest Aircrafts

Imagine zipping across the sky like lightening, imagine reaching your destination before your sound does, imagine arriving before you have even settled. Today, we take a look at the 10 fastest airplanes in the world, whether military or experimental that will one day, hopefully, revolutionize the way we travel. No 10. F-4 Phantom 2 – 2,585 km/h Country USA

Sony Rolls Out Rival to iTunes

Sony has launched a new music and video download service as it gears up to challenge Apple’s iTunes. The announcement, made at the IFA technology fair in Berlin, was timed to coincide with an Apple media event in the US. The cloud-based service will be available on PlayStation 3s, Bravia TVs, Blu-Ray players and Sony’s