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10 Inventions That Will Change Your Everyday Life

Finding new uses of old techniques,methods and gadgets is true innovation. This is a top 10 list that talks about everyday use items which has been improved in one way or another. 10. Wi-Fi Routers       Chinese scientists have tweaked the average Wi-Fi router by introducing a router that relies on light to transmit data rather

Top 10 Nightmare Places In The World

Nature can be loving and deadly. Don’t believe that? Here’s a list of top 10 places that’ll give you nightmares! 10. Truk Lagoon During WWII, this was the largest stronghold for the Japanese ships until February, 1944 when they were attacked and the attackers managed to sink 60 ships and 275 airplanes! The lagoon is

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

A list for those who like to travel with class and can be heavy spenders with their money; The top 10 most expensive hotels. They are rightly justified for the price, as you’ll see. Simply put, you would not want the vacation to end once you stay at one of these hotels! 10. Park Hyatt

Top 10 Craziest Plane Landings on Video

To land a plane even in favorable conditions is an art and even the smoothest of landing might go awry. Check out 10 most worst and/or fascinating landings performed and caught on camera. 10. The Flight -Thomsonfly Flight 263 Birds hate planes! Thomsonfly Boeing 757 flying from Manchester, England, to the Canary Islands paradise of

Top 10 Cameras for 2013

All geared up to buy a digital camera? Well, be prepared to be bombarded with choices and advices! There are so many brands out there with so many different features that one can easily get lost. In all the chaos and hassle it becomes even more difficult to filter out information from mere publicity! Before

Top 10 Engineering Jobs for 2013

Electrical engineering is one of the most popular and highly paid job opportunities. Moreover, engineering jobs offer more job security as these job vacancies are always there in the marker, locally and internationally. You can start your career after having a bachelor degree in engineering but to remain in this field, you should stay up

Top 10 Inventions Of 2012

Year 2012 saw some great events and inventions around the world. With the end of 2012, a large number of ‘Top 10’ and ‘Best of’ lists began to popup. Well, here is our list of Top 10 Inventions for the year 2012. 10. Indoor Clouds   Berndnaut Smilde, a Dutch developer used temperature, lightning, humidity

Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries Of The World in 2012

2011 is considered the year of fall of the corrupt as regimes fell to the might of the common man throughout the Middle East when protesters took to the streets and demanded better rights. TIME magazine’s person of the year was the protester, a nameless, faceless representation of the might of the people. But even

10 Future Innovations Everyone Is Waiting For

The Jetsons weren’t just cartoons for children, they were the image of what we imagine, or rather wish, our future world to look like. Hover vehicles, robots doing everything for us and almost everything happening at our whims and fingertips; wishes of a lazy society like ours. Sure, we have phones that handle our appointments,

Top 10 Highly Developed Countries

What differentiates between a developed country and one that’s still in the process of development besides the obvious prosperity and economic strength? Factors such as life expectancy, education, standard of living, child welfare, health care, economic welfare, and population happiness play major roles to determine the Human Development Index of a country that ranks a country