Find IPSW file in windows and Mac

IPSW files are meant to download when you need to update your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. You download this IPSW file in iOS updates folder, whenever there is an update to your iOS device. You should know the location of these files because they are helpful to you when you are going to solve

How To Restart Your Computer Without Actually Restarting It

This is something which very few people might know but as the title suggests, yes! its possible. You might sometimes get notification to restart your computer while you are in middle of something. If you do not want to, you have an option of restarting your computer without actually restarting the way we do in

Downgrade from iTunes beta

Those who want to downgrade from iTunes 10.5 to other versions, they can easily do it. if you are on windows PC and looking for downgrade to other iTunes version, you can do it by following some very easy steps. These are few steps which will guide you that how to downgrade iTunes 10.5 version

How to import Outlook email to Apple Using MozillaThunderbird

Most important issue for Windows users when migrating from Windows to MAC OS X is email. They mostly use Outlook for mailing purposes in Windows. Here you will see how to move email towards Apple’s Mail app by using Mozilla Thunderbrid. Follow below steps Download and then install Mozilla Thunderbrid application. Link to download is

Copy Files remotely on SSH without Password

Whenever you control your computer remotely, SSH act as a life saver. Most of you people don’t know that you can download and uploads files too. May be you also don’t know. Using SSH keys, you don’t need to enter passwords. The method works fine on MAC OS X and Linux operating system. Proper SSH

How to encrypt backup files on your iPhone or iPad device

Few days back, it was revealed about iPhone and iPad that keeping track of your location is now possible. Don’t worry at all. Here is a technique to overcome this problem. By making encryption of all backups, you can save you from this issue. All you need is to delete those backups that are not

VMware has announced Fusion 4 virtualization software

Today Fusion 4 has been announced by VMware that is the latest virtualization software version and now available to play with OS X lion. It adds full OS X lion support such as Spotlight that makes Windows just like Mac. You will see an improvement in Expose and spaces support in Windows. Moreover, it allows

Watch your favorite video on Zinc TV

There is a huge video entertainment facility on internet but it is bit difficult to search out for your favorite video. Zinc TV has resolved your problem and now you can watch movies, songs, internet TV of your own choice on Zinc TV. Zinc TV supports MAC and Windows operating system. You can get it

How to fix Error 1013 in iTunes using TinyUmbrella

Jailbreak tools such as iREB or TinyUmbrella make changes in host file of your MAC or Windows OS computer and when you try to upgrade firmware on iPhone, instead of Apple’s server iTunes goes to connect to Cydia’s server. As the Cydia bend down its server and there are no specific signing keys for firmware

Direct links to download iTunes 10.5 Beta for Windows And Mac

If you are great fan of Apple products then you might be familiar that iOS 5 beta 1 has been announced on WWDC 2011. Here is good news for registered Apple developer! They can get iOS 5 beta 1 right now from developer portal. But what if you are not registered developers? Don’t worry friends!