How to import Outlook email to Apple Using MozillaThunderbird

Most important issue for Windows users when migrating from Windows to MAC OS X is email. They mostly use Outlook for mailing purposes in Windows. Here you will see how to move email towards Apple’s Mail app by using Mozilla Thunderbrid. Follow below steps

  • Download and then install Mozilla Thunderbrid application. Link to download is as under:
  • Easiest way is to go to folder that contain your data and then copy all Local Folders on your MAC desktop. Directory for imported outlook data on Windows 7 and Windows Vista is as follows:  “C:Users*username*AppDataRoamingThunderbirdProfiles*profilename*.defaultMail”.                                                                                                            For Windows XP, the path is “C:Documents and Settings*username*Application DataThunderbirdProfiles*profilename*.defaultMail”
  • Click on “File” tab and then select “Import Mailboxes”.
  • Select radio button “Thunderbrid” and click on “Continue”.
  • Browse “Local Folders”. Once you find select “Local Folders” option and then click on “Choose” button.  You will see a list of imported files here.

Uncheck files that you don’t want to import and leave other files checked. Once you are satisfied, click on “Continue” button. Import time depends on the amount of data that you are transferring. When it completes, click on “Done”. Enjoy Apple mail app!

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