Enable Out of Office assistant Auto Reply in Outlook when you are away from office

Auto response feature will help you whenever you go out from your office and you want to inform your co-workers. It is a handy method to inform everyone and you don’t need to check your emails in daily routine.

All you need is to enable out of office auto rep from both Outlook desktop application including outlook 2000, 2003 or 2007 as well as outlook that is used remotely.

To enable the Microsoft Outlook out of Assistant Auto Response, you can get guidelines from below steps. Let’s give a review


  • Open Microsoft Outlook. Click on “Tools” from menu bar and then select “Out of Office Assistant” option from dropdown menu.
  • Out of office assistant window will open. Check the radio button “I am Out of the Office”. Write down the text under heading “auto rep only once to each sender with the following text” that you want to send to people sending you emails. Click on “OK” button.

This text will appear as a reminder in Outlook client at the bottom right corner. Now your Out of Office Assistant is activated and respond will be generated from Out of office auto-reply. This response will be the text that you wrote in text field. That’s great J

If you want to disable, from “Out of office reminder” simply select Down Arrow and then click on “Turn off Out of Office auto-replies”.

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