Direct download links for Leaked JailbreakMe for iOS Devices

Previously direct download links for jailbreak were available only for iPad 2, now they are also available for iPhone4, 3GS, 3G iPod touch and 4G. The leaked JailbreakMe works only on iOS 4.3 for iPad 2, so these links are best for those who have downloaded iOS 5 beta 2 and know how to save iPad 2 SHSH blobs for restoring on iPad 2. These links are also best because PDF files do not work on any other firmware.

JailbreakMe will support firmware from iOS 4.3.1 to 4.3.3 for all your devices. So for this purpose you need to visit mobile safari of your iOS device and then click on the direct download link of JailbreakMe for your device. Now the Cydia will start downloading on your Home screen as the other app download from the iTunes App Store.

There is no idea that when the new version of iOS would be released but you need to be up to date. It is also that Apple is in touch with Comex and might create trouble for them by releasing new versions.

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