StealthGenie Mobile Spy Software either lets heart go fonder or stops spousal infidelity

Emotional attractions and romantic friendships are the new confused terms of 21st century. Justifications on proving a relationship beyond friendship by an already committed person is not respected, breaching the boundaries of a marital rapport and even pursuing it even after caught is a shameful act and yet a threat to spousal binding.

You are emotionally cheating your spouse, at first it was a lively friendship, then closeness augmented more than you imagined/thought, and that person becomes more than a friend for you. Now you are neither in possible to call them friend nor your partner, because you already have one. In your heart you always knew the secretly growing intimacy but you were too naïve to restrict to its charms. The secrets and lies are segregating you from your spouse slowly and steadily but the process is slow and little invisible to a third person. But in heart you both know that something is breaking, wait a minute, and is it your marriage?

You must take the responsibility of preventing your relation from scatter; you love your partner but finding hard to leave the newly blossoming relation. To take you out of this shaking situation, where your heart is divided into two parts and in it you know you are hurting three people simultaneously, yourself, your spouse and your other partner. The purpose of this article is to remind you how awesome or awful your spouse could be and are you really cheating on them or they deserve to be cheated. In daily life you meet them and they are as smooth as a resting ocean, but what are they behind your back, are they living a dual life salving you yet committing infidelity or are they truly angel like? These questions will give you the answers hidden somewhere beneath the cores of a human.

In my opinion you desperately need to install StealthGenie Mobile Spy Software in their smart phone, it is a spying application, which after getting installed into the smartphone becomes invisible and performs the stealthy tasks efficiently with zero traceability. The software is doing wonders and improving decision making powers among individuals; it reveals the deep rooted truths and serves humans well. By downloading it, you will be able to look into all the Calling History of your spouse, including incoming/outgoing and previously stored call logs. Similarly, on SMS features, all their logs with time and date are available for you to see at any time remotely. ‘Live Call Interception’ will allow you to sneak into any live call, with an option to interfere in their conversation or set it on the mute mode. It also allows taping it for future use. Enabling the user to see what actually is going into their spouse brain and heart regarding them and how their partner talk about them in friends circle is very important. StealthGenie Mobile Spy Software can arrange a secret call on the target phone and make them listen to ‘Live Surrounding up to 15 feet’ of the target phone, thus let them know how much loved and respect they have in their spouse’ life. Furthermore, live Blackberry and Google talk chats can be viewed along with all the photos, videos sharing, the appointments stored, calendar events highlighted and many other features helps one realize whether one plunge into an extra marital affair or not.

This mobile spy software at one place will remind the loved husband wife used to share or on the contrary how much ridiculed they are by their other half and relieve them from the guilt of infidelity. Either way the decision is up to the user of StealthGenie mobile spy software.

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