Activating iOS 5.0 Beta without using developer account

IOS 5.0 beta is an advanced mobile operating system. It supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPad 1G,2G, iPod touch 3G,4G and also apple TV. You can activate it on your device easily by following these simple steps.

  • Upgrade your iPhone to IOS-5.0 beta by using the above link. A new activation window will appear.
  • This window seems as voice over but is not actually. You need to activate your voice over by clicking three times on window button. Now your voice over is activated.
  • Repeat above step second time in order to activate emergency call. Here you will see a pop up window.
  • This step you need to do carefully and quickly. Strike lightly to emergency call till it switches. Use your three fingers to slide it down quickly. Here notification centre appear after performing this step. You are about to finish.
  • Check whether by simply clicking to whether widget without making activation.
  • The home screen will appear after clicking on home screen button.

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