IOS devices

Disabling Ring backs on Rogers

Rogers iphone updated version sticks you with their ring back services which is very irritating. If you are desperate to know how to turn it off here is the solution. Turning the ring back feature is not that easy as the company does not want to give up so easily. Ring backs is a source

Manage iTunes in the Cloud on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

If all of the music collection you have stored in the icloud downloaded from itunes store, you would definitely want to add up new songs or even delete some of them. The process for doing so is very simple and easy. Following are the procedures to tell you how it can be done: Download music

Finding the iPhone MAC address

iPhone is fully compatible with the Mac operating systems and many applications are designed keeping in view that the iphone user has a Mac machine with him or her. You can access the MAC address for your iPhone by following these steps: Open the main menu and navigate to settings icon Tap on Settings icon

How to fix network connection timed out in iTunes and error 3259 in iPhone update

There are users who find different problems when they update iOS devices to latest versions or connect to iTunes. Problems which they often see are related to downloading software, connection timed out, connecting errors and many others. You can fix all these errors by following these steps. When you see these problems like network connection

Compressing Images with iPhone OS 4

In iphone OS 4 a new improved feature has been induced which is the ability to compress the photos and images sent from other iphones and iOS operating devices. This feature gives four basic size options to the user: Small, Medium, Large, and Actual Size. This feature is not only serves this but also serves

How to invert iPad or iPhone Screen to Make Reading at Night Easier

Iphone, ipad have the feature of night mode for minimizing the stress on the user’s eyes. If the user is reading a text or a book, wants to end up reading while lying in bed using iOS device. The user can give his or her eyes rest by turning on the accessibility that inverts the

Google launched Music Beta for Android and iOS devices

Great day for Google! Today it has introduced its cloud music: Music Beta. This new Google cloud music lets you to edit and get your music from various Android devices and desktop computers without making burden on storage as everything will go to Google’s server to store. Android users would be much excited now but

Tips and features in iOS devices

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are the great phone that can do all big tasks such as printing, multitasking etc. what they can’t that you want? I guess nothing. Today you will see few tips that will help you to get the most from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Update iTunes Update your OS

iCloud Now Brings Streaming iTunes Music To Macs And iOS Devices

At WWDC, one feature was badly missed during the launch of iCloud and iTunes. This feature was the facility to stream tracks from the cloud instead of downloading them. In a video posted by Insanely Great Mac, an iPod library has been shown on an iPhone with iTunes Match tracks listed either by artist, song,

Activating iOS 5.0 Beta without using developer account

IOS 5.0 beta is an advanced mobile operating system. It supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPad 1G,2G, iPod touch 3G,4G and also apple TV. You can activate it on your device easily by following these simple steps. Upgrade your iPhone to IOS-5.0 beta by using the above link. A new activation window will appear. This window