Tips and features in iOS devices

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are the great phone that can do all big tasks such as printing, multitasking etc. what they can’t that you want? I guess nothing.

Today you will see few tips that will help you to get the most from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Update iTunes

Update your OS X or iTunes for updating your iPhone to iOS 4.2. if it is already updated then leave move ahead.

Backup your iOS device

It is an advice to backup all your data before you start upgrading. Plug in your iPhone device into iTunes. Now right click on your device located under DEVICES label in left panel. From context menu, select option “Back Up”.

Multitasking for iOS devices

You can run multiple apps at a time by using multitasking feature. If you want to shift between apps then double tab on iPhone Home button.

Quit applications

Double tap on iPhone home button. Select one of the apps and then click on red circle present in left corner of opened app.

Find My iPhone

If you lost your iPhone and you have not account on MobileMe, you know well what pain you will get in searching iPhone without Find My iPhone. You can get it free with iOS 4.2 and then you have to set it with your iPhone 4 or iPad. After that you can easily search for your device.

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