iOS 4.2

Changing Notes font for iPad and iPhone

In iPad, iPhone new versions of iOS are continuously introduced to the users with new features and applications. Due to the updates and features these iOS devices are becoming everyone’s preference and they surely want to avail these technology updates. iOS has introduced a new version 4.2 in which the user is capable of changing

How to Search for specific text on iPhone safari browser

Finally iOS 4.2 gives iPhone the ability to search for text on Safari web page. Before this you had to read the whole paragraph to find out the specific word. In Windows and MAC OS X, you simply press CTL+F or CMD+F together, type the desired text and it is highlighted. Till now, text searching

Tips and features in iOS devices

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are the great phone that can do all big tasks such as printing, multitasking etc. what they can’t that you want? I guess nothing. Today you will see few tips that will help you to get the most from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Update iTunes Update your OS

New Features Apple iOS4.2 – A Review

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 4.2 yesterday, which is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. While this new release brings features likeAirPrint to the iPhone, the focus has undeniably been on the iPad, which will finally get iOS 4 features like multitasking and folder management that were available only for the iPhone and