MAC OS X Lion features

Finally Apple has released MAC OS X Lion, the world most advanced operating system that you people were waiting for a long time. This latest OS X iteration is available in Mac application store and you can download it with the charge of $29.99.

MAC OS X Lion is packed with more than 250 new features and most of them are new for you. Oh yeah! That’s really wonderful. Below are few of its unique features. Check them please!

Full screen app feature

It provides wonderful and focuses experience to its MAC users with Full Screen app. There are protocols in MAC including NSWindowDelegate, NSApplication and NSWindow that allows you to easily create and manage user interfaces in full screen.

Multi Touch Gestures and animations

Multi touch gesture lets you to communicate with your MAC. It gives you realistic gesture responses.

AV Foundation

This feature gives you services in order to work with time base audiovisual media. You are free to check, play and compose for audiovisual app into your app.

Auto Save feature

Auto save feature in MAC OS X Lion saves the changes in document itself that you are making currently instead of creating its copies on your disk drive. History of changes that you made in document will be recorded automatically.

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