Mac OS X

How to View Hidden Folders and Files in OS X 10.6 “Open” Or “Save” Dialog Box

There are many secrets just like hidden folders and files that are invisible to you in Mac OS X. Basically these files are hidden by Mac so that the important data is not being deleted or changed. These hidden files may sometime be edited or viewed by you. So for that particular reason all such

How to create USB Boot Disk For Mac

Mac systems are no different than any other operating system and during their use it is bound that they will get problems that are either caused by the hard drive or some other part that causes the OS to crash and other problems that make the OS to seize up and to have troubles starting

How to Add The Recent Items In Dock

Did you know that there is a feature of adding stacks of recent items to the dock bar? This is one of the great features in Mac OS X and users can take great benefit from this feature as well. This allows the users to access the files or application they frequently use to be

Adding Files And Folders To Finder Toolbar

While using Mac OS X 10.5 and the Finder option in it, the users may have stumbled upon the handy toolbar that is situated across the top portion of Mac’s Finder Window. The Finder Toolbar has many buttons on it that are either there by default or there by the user’s choice. The user, being

How to solve equations by using Terminal + create your own Calculator function

Most MAC users always have accessed Terminal Window open and you might have given a hotkey in order to launch Terminal window quickly at anytime you need. So why you open Calculations for solving any equation when you can also solve it here on command line? So, here you will see a way to create

Mac OS X tops Windows Vista

Now days, there is a rapid growing competition between operating systems. Every new operating system is coming with best features. It is much difficult to tell which operating system is on top as there are number of ways to compare them. A lot of improvements came in Vista due to which it is over Windows

How the Cloning Terminal Ease Windows Management

While using Mac the convenient way when you are not using any of the application is simply hide them by pressing cmd-H or you have to WindowShade those windows which you want to view. For applications that have multiple windows this approach really does not work well. There are dozens of windows operating facility being

Get Lion Recovery Disk Assistant for your MAC

MAC OS X Lion is the major version of MAC operating system. Lion Recovery is built in OS X Lion in order to repair or reinstall the OS X without physical disc requirement. Lion Recovery Disk Assistant helps you in creating Lion recovery on external device that contains some capabilities like reinstall OS X Lion,

Make Desktop To-Do List with GeekTool on Mac OS X

If you have a list of work that you need to perform in whole day, and you want to put that list on your desktop, todo list with Geek tool will help you out. By doing so, you could easily remind yourself which tasks you have done and which are remaining. This article will tell

Tips to make Finder suck less in Mac OS X

In MAC OS X, finder is not very powerful application. Mostly it shows unexpected behavior. In this guide, you will see different ways to make it suck less. Keep reading below tips Add Path Bar Select “View” tab on Finder and then “Show Path Bar”. To add path button to Finder toolbar, right click on