How the Cloning Terminal Ease Windows Management

While using Mac the convenient way when you are not using any of the application is simply hide them by pressing cmd-H or you have to WindowShade those windows which you want to view.

For applications that have multiple windows this approach really does not work well. There are dozens of windows operating facility being provided by the Terminal programs and all of them have different application context. You cannot hide some of the app’s windows on Mac OS X. There is an issue regarding WindowShade and Dock because they are not able to manage dozens of windows.

It’s really very easy as the Terminal allows displaying and hiding each copy’s Windows separately. You can make good arrangement of multiple copies in Terminal just like one to be used for generic tasks, two are for specific projects and one copy is idle.

You should perform some of the following in order to have the relevant copies of Terminal:

  • You need to copy both the Preferences file and the Terminal app.
  • From the preferences file you have to link up the app.
  • It’s up to you if you want skipping the foreign language support files than you can.

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