Mac OS X tops Windows Vista

Now days, there is a rapid growing competition between operating systems. Every new operating system is coming with best features. It is much difficult to tell which operating system is on top as there are number of ways to compare them.

A lot of improvements came in Vista due to which it is over Windows XP, but its main competitor is MAC OS X that tops the Windows Vista also.

Evolution in operating systems

Now let’s see evolution in operating systems. As Vista came with updates to Windows and the last Windows non server release was came in 2011 namely Windows XP and gave only one interim update in SP 2. Beside Windows XP, Apple Company has been giving updates to MAC OS X after every 18 months.


Apple has been released 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 MAC OS X and now moving towards 10.5 but Microsoft was waiting that what would now become Vista. It has adopted Windows Server 2003 code base and then made its use for Vista.

Well making updates in an operating system is never so easy, Apple’s plans are better to keep its OS on top in market and Microsoft also admitted in an indirect way.

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