How to block messages and calls in iOS using iBlacklist

iOS device allows you to block messages or calls from person you want to avoid. You can also filter who calls or messages you. Just enter iBlacklist into your device and then configure as you desire.

Let’s see how to use iBlacklist

  • iBlacklist is a jailbreak app with the cost of $12 and offers free trial. You can choose option like block messages, calls, faceTime requests, stop outgoing calls and enable an auto reply. To get benefits, simply install app. You can also try it’s free trial.
  • Restart your iPhone device when it installed. Open the iBlaclist app. You will see various options here.
  • Click on “Blacklists” tab. Here you are free to edit, create or delete lists of people. Each list can be designed on the basis of different options.
  • Click on General blacklist tab and then select the plus sign in order to add a number. Here you can write the number manually or from your contacts. Choose name that you want to display.
  • Scroll down a bit, you will see different options having ON/OFF switches and autoRep message settings. Select the autoRep setting to write a message. You can configure different message for call and SMS.
  • Go to main menu and select Whitelists to block all calls except those present on a list

There are various other options that you are free to change if you require.

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