Mac Basics providing help to new users

Mac basics are assisting the new users how to work on Mac by providing them tips and guidance. It is not only helpful to new persons but also adds refresher to old users as well, since number of advancements in technology approach day by day. There are many ways where Mac basics are helpful to its users.

Installing OS X on Mac

Mac machine comes with preinstalled OS but you need to install or upgrade it on your Mac, in case of any hardware error or system restore. It provides help to install OS on Mac.

Setting System preferences

The important thing in Mac is to manage preferences, which make your Mac system work in smooth way. You can customize and arrange them by using help from Mac basics.

To create accounts

You can make as many accounts as you want for your Mac, they are helpful when other person of your family wants to use Mac. Mac basics give you the whole idea about making of these accounts.


Use of different features

The finder helps you in big way for accessing to the data of your Mac. You can make back up of data in Mac as well. Mac basics have other experienced users sharing content which help new persons to manage things. This is the platform Mac has provided, where anyone can get information regarding any problem and solution of queries.

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