How To Activate Finder Path Bar In Finder Window

Mac OS X 10.5 has an amazing feature to it that allows the users to go around through files and folders with much ease. The feature of Finder lets people browse through the location, situated in the Path Bar, this is certainly a good addition to Mac OS X 10.5. Well the name Path bar

Mac Basics providing help to new users

Mac basics are assisting the new users how to work on Mac by providing them tips and guidance. It is not only helpful to new persons but also adds refresher to old users as well, since number of advancements in technology approach day by day. There are many ways where Mac basics are helpful to

Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac File System Finder

In Mac operating system, Finder is one of the windows that allows the user to gain access into the Mac file system. The user at this stage needs to navigate among the file system while using Finder while using the support of mouse. It is not necessary that the user will have to use mouse

Tips to make Finder suck less in Mac OS X

In MAC OS X, finder is not very powerful application. Mostly it shows unexpected behavior. In this guide, you will see different ways to make it suck less. Keep reading below tips Add Path Bar Select “View” tab on Finder and then “Show Path Bar”. To add path button to Finder toolbar, right click on

How to use Finder to view Folder size

When you use a computer you see that finder’s list view option only shows the size of the individual files but not the size of a folder, it takes a lot of time to see which one of the file or folder is covering more space in the drive. There are some steps through which

Mac OS X Lion Features

Mac has challenged the accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer.Mac has introduce more then 250 features. Multi-Touch Gestures Multi-Touch gestures rework the approach you interact together with your Mac, creating all you are doing additional intuitive and direct. Currently a fair richer Multi-Touch expertise