Mac OS X 10.5

How To Activate Finder Path Bar In Finder Window

Mac OS X 10.5 has an amazing feature to it that allows the users to go around through files and folders with much ease. The feature of Finder lets people browse through the location, situated in the Path Bar, this is certainly a good addition to Mac OS X 10.5. Well the name Path bar

How to use Spaces in MAC OS X 10.5

Spaces feature is added into MAC OS X 10.5 in order to store applications in particular parts of your Window screen. MAC OS X allows you to shift any application from one space to another. You can also set specific spaces manually from MAC OS X system preferences. To open application, go to spaces window

How to securing files in Mac OS X 10.5 and X 10.6

Mac OS X gives you facility to convert all file formats into PDF file. You can save HTML file, notepad file, image file, Microsoft word file or any other standard format into PDF file. By doing so, you can secure your all files. Let’s see how to do so. Steps To open any file or

How to scan images in Mac OS X 10.5 using Image Capture

By using twain compatible scanner, Image Capture allows you to scan images and documents in MAC OS X 10.5. If you are not familiar with this tool then here you will know how to manage and use it. Keep reading below steps Steps Go to image capture application from its folder on hard drive. Click

Enable Speech Commands on Your Mac

It’s really great news for the Mac user that your Mac can read all the email messages, content on web pages or the endless draft of your husband’s great novel, and you don’t need to read them. Following procedure will show you that how easy it is for the Mac to read for you. First