How To Activate Finder Path Bar In Finder Window

Mac OS X 10.5 has an amazing feature to it that allows the users to go around through files and folders with much ease. The feature of Finder lets people browse through the location, situated in the Path Bar, this is certainly a good addition to Mac OS X 10.5.

Well the name Path bar does imply to the fact of an option that allows the users to browse through the file system and shows the location of the current file location which the user is at. The Finder Path bar is located at the bottom of the Finder window where most of the files and folder are listed.

Apart from the features that the finder path bar offers there are few others such as while Double clicking on a folder in the path bar will take you to the location of that folder. The user can even move files to any folder as per their need. The system of drag and drop applies here. Copying items was never as easy as pressing and holding Option key as the files are being moved.

To enable the finder path bar the user needs to get through with the following features,

  • Open up the Finder Window if you are unable to start it then try accessing it from the dock icons. The icon will be present in the dock.
  • When the Finder window is open, click on the Show Path Bar, it will be present in the View menu.
  • Once the option is selected, the path bar will be shown in your Finder Windows than.

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