How To Build Up An External Hard Drive

Ever considered building up your own hard drive? It is among one of the easiest tasks that you can achieve while sitting at home. All that you need to get started with this task is an hard drive, an external case, couple of screw drivers and a few minutes to spend on this tedious task. The following steps will let you know of how to get this done in an accurate manner.

  • Choose a case that would go along with the hard drive that you choose
  • Get the case opened and remove the screws from it with the help of the screw drivers
  • Place the hard drive within the case and close the case again
  • Screw the screws back on it and confirm that the hard drive is sitting properly in the case
  • Get the power cable attached to the enclosure
  • Next attach the data cable with the enclosure
  • Attach the enclosure to the Mac machine and see if the power light on the casing turns on.
  • It will take about 5 to 30 seconds for the light to turn and for the hard drive to get configured with the system

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