How to avoid iPhone App Updates?

Apple iPhone allows its users to install many different kinds of applications. The market is loaded with different applications intended for convenience and enjoyment of users. All the users of iPhone have multiple applications on their phone. Most of the users get annoyed with the repeated updates popping up on their iPhone. There are multiple ways to avoid these updates. These tips do not need to jailbreak the phone. You can use below tips if you have jailbroken phone:

  • Uninstall or delete all the apps and then reinstall them. While reinstalling the apps, uncheck the option of future updates. When deleting the app from your iPhone, don’t forget to delete it from PC and Trash. Otherwise it will appear again when you will sync the iPhone.
  • Press the button of Settings and go to General > Restrictions > Enable restriction. Turn ON the option of Enable Restriction. It will ask you for a code. Create a pin code consisting of four digits and use it for enabling the restriction.
  • There are many apps with similar features and functionalities. Look for the alternative apps with less recurring updates.


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