How To Copy DVD To MAC

One of the best things that users can get accomplished while using their Macs is to have a chance of getting their DVD copied to their Mac operating systems. The process is really simple to get along with, all that you need is VLC player to get the dvd’s copied to your Mac machine.

For this process you would need to have both VLC and Handbrake programs installed on your computer. The Handbrake program is a third party application that is handy if VLC player is installed. VLC does not come along with the bundled applications that Apple sends along with Macintosh system. You can easily download it from VLC’s official website.

Once the download is complete, start up Handbrake and insert a DVD into your Mac. Once the DVD is inserted, it shall bring up a notification in Handbrake asking which volume needs to be accessed. Click on the DVD link. Once that is done and the DVD is open, choose which title you want to copy and than choose the destination where you want the files to be copied at.

Once the settings are place, Handbrake will start over the process and the files will be copied over to the hard drive location.

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