Mac Basics providing help to new users

Mac basics are assisting the new users how to work on Mac by providing them tips and guidance. It is not only helpful to new persons but also adds refresher to old users as well, since number of advancements in technology approach day by day. There are many ways where Mac basics are helpful to

Top 10 Resources to Learn Xcode

Software development for Mac OS X and iOS is a lucrative market right now and to get into it you need to learn languages like Cocoa and Objective-C. Xcode is a suite of tools that supports these languages and allows you to develop software for the Apple platforms. Here is a list of the top ten resources to

MacFUSE – Easier way to write File Systems in MAC OS X

Typical MAC user don’t have concern about implementing file systems or adding support into them but they are just focus on files opening, reading, writing and saving. Well! File system support is hard and now, new file systems naming MacFUSE has been added that makes your work easier than before. In this article you will

A quick guide to move from .Mac to Google

These days, .MAC is the famous product introduced by Apple and people are getting this deal very happily. But! There are majority of people that are wonder why people are wasting money on stuff that they can also get with Google. If you want to move from .MAC to Google, here you will get a

Control your home devices from MAC using Indigo

Recently this year Macworld San Francisco has been released that contains MAC software and hardware. Apple has introduced new Microsoft office version, SketchUp and toast in it. One of the nice tools that you will see in it is Indigo. Here you will see how it works. Oh wait! Before proceeding take a brief introduction

MAC: How to optimize images For the Web Using ImageOptim

If you are a blogger and you have to explain any concept or write guidelines for something, you try to use more images. By adding images, reader can easily get understanding. But! Adding more images increase page loading time. Moreover, page loads time also values while creating a website. In different applications that are used

Peter Green’s smallest MAC laptops

Peter green from village of Clutton, has designed two MAC machines in last year and both hand built machines are lightest and smallest in weight. You will never see any MAC laptop smaller than these MAC mini portables (MMPs). Let’s have a look on both machines individually. MK II, smallest laptop Peter Green has designed

How to import Outlook email to Apple Mail.app Using MozillaThunderbird

Most important issue for Windows users when migrating from Windows to MAC OS X is email. They mostly use Outlook for mailing purposes in Windows. Here you will see how to move email towards Apple’s Mail app by using Mozilla Thunderbrid. Follow below steps Download and then install Mozilla Thunderbrid application. Link to download is

Hpw to install Google Desktop for Mac

Great news for Apple MAC users! Now it’s the time for coming Google Desktop for MAC. Don’t know what how to install it? Have a look at below and see what’s present inside Google Desktop. Google Desktop app is not installed as you installed other apps on MAC. First thing that you need for installation

Create Encrypted Disk to store MAC OS X data

It seemed that when you install MAC OS X into your system, by default it is more secure if you compared it to default Linux OS installation. MAC OS contains no network ports that are open. Also there are default encrypted services like ssh that needs to be run manually for the first time when