Peter Green’s smallest MAC laptops

Peter green from village of Clutton, has designed two MAC machines in last year and both hand built machines are lightest and smallest in weight. You will never see any MAC laptop smaller than these MAC mini portables (MMPs). Let’s have a look on both machines individually.

MK II, smallest laptop

Peter Green has designed this machine in order to give a tiny laptop to MAC users. This tiny MAC laptop contains processor of 1.2GHz, 256MB RAM, hard disk with the storage of 40 GB and good quality screen with the resolution of 1024×768 TFT. Dual head monitoring and USB hub is also added in MK II laptop. Moreover it has a good battery life and you can use three hours easily by one charge.

No doubt it is the smallest computer of the world with 3.5×6.5×8.2 inches size and 2.5 kilogram weight.

MK III tiny tablet

This small machine is only 2.1x6x10.4 inches. You will not find it perfect for everything you want. Also, it is not too good for sketching the graphic but it works fine for which it was designed. Basic purpose of tiny tablet is general browsing. It lets you to browse bundle of stuff on web and you don’t need to suffer much time because of its good performance in browsing. Surprisingly, it contains 1.9 kilogram weight and probably it is the lightest MAC device ever made. What you think guys?

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