How to solve the Widget Does Not Exist Error in Symfony 1.4?

Symfony is free software which aids in the development of the web applications. This framework is written in PHP. It provides the developers with tools and components to quickly develop the advance level web applications. It really enhances the web development experience by allowing the user to create, host and maintain the web applications without any problem.

Symfony 1.4 is its latest version. Some developers are facing an issue while unsetting the fields in Symfony 1.4. When the files such created_at and updated_at are unset, the error comes up which says “widget does not exist”

Most of the developer thinks that the error comes due to unset of fields. But in fact it is not because of unset of field. The error comes after unset of fields as Symfony still tries to render those fields.

Its solution is very simple. Just remove the references to widgets. You can find these references in your_form.php file

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