MacFUSE – Easier way to write File Systems in MAC OS X

Typical MAC user don’t have concern about implementing file systems or adding support into them but they are just focus on files opening, reading, writing and saving. Well! File system support is hard and now, new file systems naming MacFUSE has been added that makes your work easier than before. In this article you will see how MacFUSE makes it easy and why you care about file systems.

In file system, all information is organized on MAC disk drive in order to access easily. HFS+ is the standard file system in MAC OS X but MAC also supports other file systems also. Below you will see reason why you need to care about MAC file systems.

  • You need to read or write information present on disks using different file system. Apple gives implementation of NTFS that can read but not write on disks.
  • Different cool features are available in different file systems that you wanted to adopt.

Please note! MacFUSE is not specific for programmers to use. Now let’s talk on MacFUSE and get to know what it basically does. As obvious from its name, it is implementation of FUSE on MAC operating system. FUSE is open source project and gives easier way in order to add support for new systems file. File system implemented by FUSE is always generic and performs low level gunk. MacFUSE was designed for only MAC OS X that provides all positive perspective of FUSE project to the MAC.

Now it is much easier to write the system files and you don’t need to manage the lowest file system details. Simply write high level code like open( ), write( ), read( ) and so on. Say thanks to MACFUSE.

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