What machines still admire by Mac Users?

What you think that which Mac the Mac users mostly prefer? You will be wondered that what kind of machine setup they are using.

Below is the list of MAC computers that they are still using.

  • Power Mac is 1.6 GHz processor machine and most users think it pretty fast machine. In general it is good for most of the functionalities but sometimes it gets down that is very annoying thing.
  • PowerBook is 4G, 1.25 GHz and according to Mac users, it is the best computer they have. It performs every task very efficiently and you will see whistles and bells in it for doing everything. It gives gorgeous high resolution screen and looks too good.
  • iBook G4 with 1GHz processor and 12 inch Mac is another favorite machine to Mac users. It is fantastic and indestructible machine. Web browsing and start up performance is also quick in it. Moreover it is faster than PowerBook Mac in various tasks. Built in Wi-Fi and battery life is superb. Within four hours, it gets charge completely. It is good for home use and Mac users often use it for movies on road trips.
  • TiBook has been an amazing computer said by Mac users. It contains only 8MB of VRAM with 802.11b Wi-Fi. It cannot display YouTube video properly due to slower 802.11b but still Mac fans are using it. Shocked?

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