Stop Skype and other apps from loading automatically in Mac OS X

There are few programs in MAC OS X that you don’t like to load automatically when you turn on your computer and Skype is one of them. If you are an experienced user then you might know that there is no any option to disable the “loads on” feature in Skype app. If you feel

Copy Files remotely on SSH without Password

Whenever you control your computer remotely, SSH act as a life saver. Most of you people don’t know that you can download and uploads files too. May be you also don’t know. Using SSH keys, you don’t need to enter passwords. The method works fine on MAC OS X and Linux operating system. Proper SSH

Way to recover MAC data using Memory Card

If you are a MAC user and you find that your MAC is not working properly and you lost files. First thing that you will think is recover the data. But the question is how you recover the MAC data? Happy! Data recovery software is available to recover data from memory cards that are corrupted.

Always boot your MAC OS in 64-bit Mode

MAC is the most advanced and finest operating system for today use. It has many excellent features that you never see in any previous OS version. Apple also thinks it one of the best in all. Well! If we talk by considering different aspect, MAC OS X is still behind its competitor in market including

How to create card by using with iPhoto card feature

In Mac iPhoto, card and calendar feature has been added in order a make a cards and calendar in cheap price and without going to Store. If you don’t know how to use or getting started, below are few tricks that will help you in making card by using iPhoto 11 new feature. Let’s see!

Access Turntable.fm outside the US by using TOR

Recently turntable.fm has decided to stop their service from accessing outside the united state. Turntable stated that because of “Licensing Restrictions” they will no more offer service to outside US visitors. Turntable.fm and other web service identify visitor by geolocating the visitor IP address. To access their service, you have to believe them that IP

Combine PDF files to create a single PDF Using Automator

It is very easy to combine two PDF files to make single PDF file. Simply open one file in preview and then drag the other PDF file in sidebar pane. But! What you will do if you want to add several files quickly? In this situation there is no any as good option as Automator

Change the Default Application of your choice for a File Type in Mac

Sometimes you want to open something other than default application. Suppose you have installed VLC player and you want to open video files in VLC instead of QuickTime Player that is default app for video files in MAC OS X. Here you will see how to change the default app for any file type in

Customize Cmd+Q Shortcut Key in OS X

If you are a MAC user, you have noticed that Cmd+Q key is used to close all apps and Cmd+W quits one window or tab. Both keys are next to each other and sometimes you hit the wrong key accidently. This tutorial will tell you how to change the Cmd+Q shortcut key in order to

Unlock Your PC with nearby Bluetooth device

Suppose you are working on your computer and it automatically unlock itself. You stop your work and move away but again it locks itself. What is it? Actually it is Bluetooth and very easy to setup. Before making setup, you should have the following things Computer and phone with Bluetooth connection. AppleScript and Proximity for