Always boot your MAC OS in 64-bit Mode

MAC is the most advanced and finest operating system for today use. It has many excellent features that you never see in any previous OS version. Apple also thinks it one of the best in all.

Well! If we talk by considering different aspect, MAC OS X is still behind its competitor in market including Windows and Linux OS. One big drawback in MAC operating system is the lack of 64 bit mode that seems in Windows and Linux OS by default. Unluckily you cannot run 64 bit applications and by default booting takes place by kernel in 32 bit mode.

If you are working on modern MAC, it might possible that MAC support 64 bit mode but still it boots up with 32 bit kernel. This article will show you how to boot your machine in 64 bit mode. Have a look on!

  • Go to “System Profiler” app and you will see a list of different categories under Contents located at left side. Scroll down and click on “Software”.  Software overview will display on right side.
  • If the value is “Yes” in front of “64 bit kernel and extensions it mean your system is already running on 64 bit mode otherwise go ahead.
  •  Browse path “/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration” and edit “” file by writing below line in it.


That’s all. Now you MAC will always boot up in 64 bit mode.

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