How to remove Applications from Mac OS X with AppCleaner

MAC OS X designer supposed that drag and drop method will install any application into PC and uninstallation will be done by dragging app into the trash icon. Well! It is now noticed that there are most of the apps that do not remove by dragging. Moreover, there are few apps that make temporary files

How to add different items on MAC OS X desktop

MAC OS X allows you to make customization to your desktop by using GeekTool app. You can add wallpapers, themes and variety of data on MAC computer desktop. Guidelines are as under: Suppose you want to add basic calendar and clock on to desktop. First of all, download and then install GeekTool. Go to System

Tricks on text editor

If you are a MAC user then probably you might know text editors. In this tutorial you will get to know interesting text tricks on few of editors that most of you may not know. Check out please and have fun! View text in columns Tofu is a utility that lets you to grab any

How to stream Live HDTV on Mac OS X

EyeTV is a compatible tuner that gives you both analog and digital solutions with high definition for TV watching in MAC OS X. Just move towards your MAC computer, sit on sofa with relaxation and see recorded shows on MAC TV- watching. But! Where you want to see shows: in your bedroom or any other

Test your Website’s iPhone version by using Automator in MAC OS X

iPhone browser was first browser in mobile that could show both regular websites and web based browsers. Still customers are not satisfied and are demanding for more. They desire for all websites to have iPhone version. Let’s suppose you have decided to create your website’s iPhone version. After making decision you also wanted to check

Apple’s syncing model

Apple has added syncing strategy in MAC OS X 10.4 tiger. Now syncing a device is assumed a system service that any application can easily use. It seemed that iSync tool is one of the several that can use for syncing the information also. Apple has suggested a model that explains what syncing is and

PDF Trojan Horse Threatens Mac Users

A new malware has come to the scene that disguises itself as a PDF to trap users into opening it. As a result, an Apache server gets installed on ones Mac. On the opening of the file, the executable comes into play, extracting a different executable, which then downloads a backdoor from a remote server,

Enabling Root User in Mac OS X

Do you want to get full access to your machine?  Sometimes, only being an administrator in OS X won’t give you total access to your system. You have to become a root user to get rid of all the limitations and restrictions. It is just similar to sudo command in Terminal. It is certainly not

PowerUp 1.0 Is New Task Manager For Mac OS X

ConjureBunny Software has launched PowerUp 1.0, a task manager designed to assist you in staying focused. It requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher on an Intel-based Mac. PowerUp 1.0 is available for US$20 for a single-user license. It is basically a step-by-step task manager with a built-in progress tracker. You flesh out big or

OS X Lion Now Available Via The Mac App Store

As stated by CFO Peter Oppenheimer yesterday, OS X Lion is now available via the Mac App Store. Apple highlights some of the features below: OS X Lion is the next major release of OS X, the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. It includes over 250 new features that will transform how you interact